The Elder Scrolls Online Homestead arriving February 2017

The Elder Scrolls Online may not be receiving any more major updates in 2016, but 2017 is certainly shaping up in a big way.

In February, Homestead will launched as a free update for the hugely successful MMO. This will add a much-requested feature to the game – housing. Players will be able to craft furniture, add decor, and generally create the base of their dreams.

It’s the second major release to get in on the act, with No Man’s Sky recently launching the Foundation Update.

Players will have access to 40 unique home types, and up to 2,000 decorative options. Homes will also be styled after the games’ 10 races.

Once they complete the Homestead tutorial quest, they’ll have a base home to build off of at a local inn. From there, nearly all homes will be available to you with in-game gold. To purchase in some regions, you’ll have to prove your a neighbour to be trusted and complete certain quests.

Decor items can also be crafted and certain items can be found in quests or dungeons. You’ll also be able to collect trophies of war and hang them in your home, and even sell created furniture to other players. You can even invite some friends to decorate, though they’re not able to steal any of your home items.

You’ll have various options available, but you can also grab Imperial Style Homes from the Crown Store at 2,100 each. All homes will be account-based as well, so everyone of your characters will be able to use them.

The update will launch at the same time for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 owners, though PC owners will get the chance to trial it on PTS in January.

Seems like an eternity to wait, but fortunately we’ve got a lovely looking trailer to whet our appetite.


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