Bulletstorm owners won’t get Full Clip Edition free on PC

Randy Pitchford has confirmed that those who already own Bulletstorm on PC will not get Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition as a free upgrade. This is in stark contrast to the recently re-released Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, Bioshock: Collection, and Skyrim: Special Edition.

Randy states the reason for this is due to a completely different publisher, era, and platform as the original was a Games for Windows Live title.

When asked if those players would get a discount instead – indicating this could impact sales of the game – Pitchford replied ‘If that is a deal breaker for you, you should skip it.

Oh, boy…


Randy was later questioned about THQ Nordic’s ability to offer Darksiders Warmastered for free to owners of the original game, and Randy has explained the situation in further detail.


This does seem like a completely retooled game – to the point of being vastly different – so you can sort of understand the point. But when you consider the sales of the original game weren’t enough to continue the franchise in the first place and people are already bemoaning paying twice for something they already own, the game could already be on a slippery slope before it even hits shelves.

You can see the difference a great remaster can have on a game by checking out our Darksiders Warmastered Review right over here.


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