Elder Scrolls Online Season of the Dragon concludes with Dragonhold DLC

Dragonhold DLC has been revealed via the Elder Scrolls Online website ahead of a Q4 2019 release.

This will see the game’s epic Season of the Dragon come to an end with a new DLC story zone, that includes new mechanics and challenges.

As part of Update 24, there will also be a bunch of new performance upgrades and a revamp of the Looking for Group system.

In Dragonhold, you’ll visit the ancient Khajiiti kingdom of Pelltine in Southern Elsweyr which has been reduced to near rubble.

The dragons are roaming free and the Order of the New Moon are spreading chaos in continuation of their schemes.

Dragonhold will provide new titles for the player, a bunch of collectibles and bonus quests.

In the main storyline, players will get to work with Redguard swordmaster, Sai Sahan. But he won’t be your only companion.

More news on Dragonhold as we get it. The content is expected Q4 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

(via TESO)

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