The Escapists 2 gets eerie Wicked Ward DLC

Wicked Ward, the first major DLC for The Escapists 2, is out now just in time for Halloween.

Adding a whole new spooky prison sandbox to the game, you will get an old, abandoned hospital where a mad scientist and his army of the undead are guarding the facility. Your mission, if you dare to be scared, is to try and escape!


The DLC has changed the weather effects with thunder, rain and lightning happening outside, and you’ll find yourself isolated in some spooky old woods. Wicked Ward will task you with crafting, fighting, and scheming in order to escape with your soul intact.

Out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for £2.79, or as part of the Season Pass, Wicked Ward will give you..

• A brand-new horror themed map to escape
• New Halloween themed customisations
• New items and craftable recipes

A Nintendo Switch version is currently in development.

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