Europa Universalis IV receiving experimental DLC Subscription Service

Paradox are trying a creative new strategy with the DLC for Europa Universalis IV.

Following years of feedback, Pontus, the team lead for EU Marketing Support, has addressed speculation about Paradox’s new subscription service.

Pontus advises that people have been increasingly concerned with ‘the cost of getting the game and all expansions at once’. With Paradox games receiving years of support, there’s lots of expansions out there.

Following the feedback, Paradox are now running tests to see if such a service can actually work and if people would actually use it.

Pontus is quick to advise that the current model isn’t changing and people can still purchase DLC as normal, nor will they be charged again for DLC. This is merely providing another option.

The test is being run to determine what the costs of such a service might be, and also how it should be presented.

For now, a limited amount of people are being approached and are receiving the offer to try the service. From that, it will be up to them whether they accept it or disregard the offer entirely.

This is certainly a good way to make sure people have access to all the content and there are many games, not just Paradox titles, that could benefit from a system like this.

What do you think? Would you subscribe to a EU 4 Subscription Service – or something similar – to access all content?

(Source: Paradox Plaza)

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