Fallout 76 Wastelanders Update Releases April 7, complete with main quest changes and new creatures

The massive Wastelanders update scheduled for Fallout 76 has finally been dated for April 7.

This is the biggest release update for the game yet and sees a complete overhaul over some key areas.

The game will now include fully voiced NPCs as well as a massive new main quest and a revamp to the original. This will include new missions, locations and monsters to fight.

Players will also be able to befriend and betray neighbours in Appalachia, make key choices through classic dialogue trees and try out some new gear.

Frankly, it’s an update which brings it closer to the mainline Fallout games players know and love and it sounds incredible.

Wastelanders is free for anyone who already owns Fallout 76 and really does represent something of a new beginning for the game. That said, if you do want to pay for something there will be two Faction-themed content bundles providing exclusive

Fallout 76 will also come to Steam at the same time.

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