Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia DLC begins today, launch trailer shows off new features

Fallout 76 begins its extensive 2019 DLC roadmap today with the beginning of Wild Appalachia.

New quests, features, and events are being added into the game, as well as anticipated Brewing and Distilling features.

Wild Appalachia adds some additional underground areas and backpacks, with a Survival Mode and New C.A.M.P features, as well as Legendary Vendor and Scrapping.

New Quests – Shear Terror and Ever Upwards – are now available in-game, as well as a huge number of bug fixes and improvements.

We’ve started our download now so will take a look and see how things are developing in Fallout 76.

Are you playing? Does this fix some of the things you may not have liked about the game? 

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