Dead Cells DLC Rise of the Giant emerges March 28

Dead Cells first major DLC update RIse of the Giant will be unleashed on March 28.

The expansion was first revealed randomly in a Red Bull documentary which looked at the fascinating backstory of how the game was built by Motion Twin.

Now we know the free DLC update will be added to the game as a content update on March 28th, bringing a brand new Cavern area to the game with ten new enemies. You just have to beat the game at least once to unlock it, then search for it in the Graveyard.

Motion Twin have also added lava pools and traps to make things even more fiendish, as well as an all new boss which we got a first look at in that video.

Other updates include a Custom Mode which is unlocked after a few runs, a Skinning system which provides the option of 50 new outfits, 10 new weapons, and 3 new skills.

This is some update which we can’t wait to dive into. I mean, we did give it a 9.5 after all

Read all about Rise of the Giant here.

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