Far Cry New Dawn DLC Credit Packs available for you to buy additional in-game content

Far Cry New Dawn releases today and you can now pick up a variety of Credit Packs to buy in-game consumables.

Five different packs are now available, ranging from £3.99 to £39.99, which will add credits to your game so you can buy extra items, outfits, consumables, and other Far Cry New Dawn content.

Beginning with the Far Cry New Dawn Credits Pack – Small for £3.99, you’ll get 500 credits to use in game.

Next up is a Medium Pack for £7.99, which gives you 1050 Credits, working out at 1,000 + an extra 50 bonus credits.

The Large Pack goes for £15.99 and adds 2,400 Credits, with 2,000 Credits originally, plus an extra 400 Bonus Credits.

An XL Pack goes for £28.99 and adds 4,550 to your bank, with 1,050 coming out as bonus credit.

And finally the XXL pack costs a whopping £39.99, but that will give you 7,250 (with 2,250 of that being bonus credit)

Our Far Cry New Dawn coverage will go up early next week, so we’ll let you know what we think of the latest in the series.

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