Underworld Ascendant Update 2 focuses on the Player Journey

Underworld Ascendant has received its second major update since launch, this time focusing on the player’s journey through the game.

There’s also lots of gameplay improvements, such as revisiting enemy patrol paths, and new, streamlined story elements.

The Stygian Abyss has also had a renovation, with a series of interconnected levels through a giant staircase, highlighting new and refined story content. It’s such a drastic change that the developers have even suggested you start a new game to experience the changes.

There’s also an easier quick save system in place and clarity pass on text in the save menu, and tweaks to enemy behavior to make some enemies more aggressive and others less prone to flee.

Movement is also much improved, such as changes to the camera and the way you swing on ropes and chains. There’s more challenges and rewards to uncover and increases to mana.

With new skills, improved VFX, and much more, the update is massive and tweaks a lot of the issues that have plagued the game to date. We’ll dive in to take a look soon and let you know how Underworld Ascendant is getting on.

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