Final Fantasy 7 Remake Final Trailer has dropped amidst early physical release, Digital not launching earlier

It’s suddenly starting to feel like Final Fantasy 7 Remake might be the last major AAA release for quite some time.

With COVID-19 turning everything upside down, overnight it was confirmed The Last of Us Part II and Iron Man VR were delayed ‘indefinitely’.

And many respected reporters have suggested that there’s more announcements to come.

Fortunately, April 10th’s launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is very much still on, and in fact, many people have been receiving their copies extremely early.

Square even had to come out and ask that those who get it early not to spoil it for everyone else. Of course, there’s a lot of people not listening so stay spoiler-safe out there!

Square have confirmed today, though, that the digital release won’t be brought forward despite many people getting their physical copies early. Square Enix have said that doing so would only ‘disrupt’ the launch.

It’s not all bad, though. For those of us still waiting to play, Square have today dropped a massive story-based trailer. This will contain spoilers of some sequences in the game but at least this’ll go some way to making the wait until next Friday a bit easier.

And, if you didn’t already know, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is shaping up to be the size of a mainline Final Fantasy game despite only being part of the finished story, including plenty of endgame content.

It’s not long now, folks! Maybe replay the demo, or dust something off in your backlog while you wait. Or how about checking out the incredible Resident Evil 3 which is now available. We’re just putting the finishing touches to our review, but we can tell you we loved our time with the demo and beta.

(Via Metro)

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