Horse Poop headlines brand new Farming 2.0 update for Rust

Rust has expanded its farming system in a major way with a new free update.

Code-named Farming 2.0, you’ll receive new items, but also need to ensure the conditions are appropriate to use them, considering things like light and ground condition.

There’s now a new deployable Composter which produces fertilizer,and this can then be added to planter boxes.

A new plant entity UI has been constructed showing gene slots, but there’s also cloning and crossbreeding.

Best of all, you can now gather Horse Poo. Yup, horses will poo every 20 to 25 minutes, and if you’re a server admin, you can even adjust the poop rate.

April Fools Day was Wednesday, right?

Either way, the massive Rust update is now available, and it seems like the perfect time to jump in because the game just smashed its all-time concurrent player record.

Presumably they’re all excited to get down and dirty with the dung.

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