Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERGRADE introduces Yuffie in new DLC episode

Announced during Sony State of Play is Final Fantasy VII INTERGRADE, a new gen upgrade of the remake.

Releasing on PS5 June 10th, this edition will enhance the remake with improved character models, 4K Support, 60 FPS, and haptic feedback integration on the DualSense.

The entire game has been improved further with enhanced textures, lighting and more, and the best part is PS4 owners can upgrade at no additional charge.

This does not apply to the PS+ version of the game releasing next month, however.

Then there’s the all-new INTERGRADE episode which finally introduces Yuffie to the Remake. The blurb suggests you’ll play as the ninja ‘as she infiltrates the shadowy Shinra corporation to steal a powerful Materia and restore glory to her homeland’.

You’ll also get to play alongside new characters and try out some new combat and gameplay mechanics.

The Intergrade DLC will be included as part of the PS5 Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade bundle or sold seperately at launch for those who already own the game on PS4.

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