Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail expansion details revealed at Fan Fest Tokyo 2024

The next Final Fantasy XIV expansion is releasing this year and we just got a major information blowout.

This includes details on new jobs, playable races, cities, raids and dungeons, as well as details on the imminent Xbox Open Beta Test.

Celebrating more than 30 million registered players, Dawntrail is the fifth expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV, releasing Summer 2024.

Pictomancer was revealed as the second of two new jobs arriving in the expansion and this will be a ‘magical ranged DPS’ that lets you wield a ‘brush to render imaginings reality’.

A female Hrothgar will also be introduced as a new playable race with the launch of the expansion.

Dawntrail will also include a new City – Solution Nine – a new area – Heritage Found – as well as a new raid series – The Arcadion.

There will be a new Ultimate Raid – Futures Rewritten – more new dungeons, new lifestyle content, field operations and a limited job – Beastmaster.

Additionally, the Open Beta Test on Xbox will begin in February ahead of the full launch in Spring 2024, and on January 16th, Patch 6.55 will be added to the game, continuing the main scenario of Growing Light, as well as adding in a new trial – The Gilded Araya.

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail launches Summer 2024.

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