Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances gets Exciting New Stuff

Mobile MMOers will be thrilled to hear that Deep Silver FISHLABS have just released a bunch of new shizz for Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances. Now all you plucky French and Russian speakers will be able to follow the story a bit easier with the game text now available in your mother tongue! It might be called the “Foreign Tongues” update, but that isn’t all you get, you can now show off to all you mates with new Facebook integration, tick off all the planets in the planet register and an pick-up the basics in a new(ish) tutorial.

Not sure about Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances? Take a look at the trailer:


Would you like to know more?

Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances is the first multiplayer game set in the iconic Galaxy on Fire universe. As such, the title puts its players into the roles of up-and-coming commanders of the Terrans, Nivelians or Vossk. Far beyond the final frontier, in a hazardous yet all the more promising region of space called the Shroud Nebula, these commanders set out to erect strong outposts, harvest invaluable resources and claim highly competitive territories. In order to stand their ground, however, they will have to band together and form powerful alliances that endure and defy even the strongest breaches and most devastating blows.


  • The first Mobile Strategy MMO in the Galaxy on Fire™ universe
    • A vast star map with more than 200.000 individual planets
    • Epic space battles with hundreds of players
    • Easy-to-access alliance system with varying coop features
    • Global leader boards for individual players as well as multinational alliances and Facebook friends
    • Three different alien species known from the previous GOF games
    • High-end 3D graphics and state-of-the-art special effects
    • Mobile-optimized user interface and intuitive touch controls
    • Native resolution support for 4-Inch and 3.5-Inch Retina Displays as well as iPad
    • Localized into English, German, French and Russian


You can pick it up for nowt in the App Store today and remember, there’s nothing cheaper than something that’s free!

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