In Other News: Games That Made Us Cry, World of Warships, Deals

It has been an interesting week for gaming. and especially so on our neighbouring Indie sites. Take a look at all this.

GGS Gamer

World of Warships Hands on and Interviews


You may be familiar with Massively Online games like World of Tanks and World of Airplanes by developer Wargaming, but now the team has got another field of war in their sights. Not content with conquering the land and the skies, Wargaming are now taking to the seas with a new title called World of Warships.

Read on to find out more at GGS Gamer

Stick Twiddlers

Gaming Deal of the Week


It’s another bumper bundle of bargains in this weeks edition of the StickTwiddlers Gaming Deal Of The Week, courtesy of the massive Microsoft Studios Weekend Sale. Up for grabs this week are a variety of Age Of Empires titles, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Deadlight and many, many more.

To find out how much each game is, click here

God is a Geek

Games that made us cry


This week on Staff Picks, the team had a look back at the games that have hit them nice and hard in the feels, and then opened up to you about it, like in therapy.

Warning: this will contain spoilers and manly confessions. Bring the tissues.

And that’s that. Now, we know Expansive is pretty awesome and THE place to find all kinds of cool stuff, but these four sites, in particular, produce daily, first-class content which we think you’ll love. So be sure to keep checking them out (when you’re not checking us out, of course!) and keep up with them and the work they do! 

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