Gaming Rumour Roundup (October 2, 2022): New Far Cry 6 and Horizon: Forbidden West DLC, Meta Quest 3, Death Stranding 2 and more!

We’re getting deeper into the AAA portion of the year and the rumour mill is starting to quieten ever so slightly.

Though there were a few interesting morsels here and there which might lead to something. Or not.

We’re also closely approaching the time when we’ll start fact-checking some of the older rumours we posted back in August. Check back in a few weeks to see if any / all of these checked out. 

Please bare in mind none of the information you see below has been confirmed publically by respective publishers / developers and at this time should not be treated as factual. 

This weeks top rumours

  • The big story this week seems to be that some Horizon: Forbidden West DLC is on the way. That shouldn’t be a huge surprise to anyone and unfortunately for Sony, Lance Reddick may have adopted that mentality a little ahead of time with a quick snap of him preparing for some mo-cap. The message has since been deleted, but like all things on the internet, it got everywhere before it was taken down. We’re guessing the likelihood for this one is high, but we’ll wait and see!
  • It also seems like we’re getting some new Far Cry 6 DLC as a Game of the Year upgrade pass has been leaked. The expansion is apparently called Lost Between Worlds and it seems to be separate from the previous Season Pass. We’re guessing an announcement is forthcoming fairly soon.
  • More Silent HIll? More Silent Hill. This time a game title ‘Silent Hill: A Short Message’ was rated in Korea. Sounds like it could be a demo, or some fort of short form game. Or a whole lot of nothing.
  • With Star Wars TV shows really starting to come thick and fast now, sources are telling Tom Henderson that Disney also want a new Star Wars game ‘every six months’ – We already know of several titles in development, many of which were heavily rumoured, but the aim is to have one ‘AAA title’ and one smaller scale product every year. Guess we’d better practice our Lightsaber skills.
  • Meta Quest 3 has apparently been completely leaked with a release date of 2023 circling. The leaker further suggests two headsets will launch in 2023 and 2024 respectively. The article goes into detail on specs, the lenses the hardware uses and even the shape and straps. Meta Quest 3 certainly seems to be an inevitability and 2023 is shaping up to be a big year for VR!
  • Embracer and Crystal Dynamics have already set the internet alight with the new partnership by sending out a Legacy of Kain franchise survey. It has been years of questions, rumours, speculation but little to show for it. But a new survey and change in leadership and direction gives us some hope, could this be the beginnings of a reboot, remake. Or just more false hope.
  • Dusk Golem reckons that Kojima Pro are working on Death Stranding 2 exclusively with Sony and the codename is Ocean. We do know Kojima is working with Xbox on an exclusive project, and in related rumour news, some are saying Google may have turned down Death Stranding 2 early on Stadia’s life cycle. Norman Reedus also let slip a while back the game may be in development. Basically, things are lining up and a reveal may not be too far away. Kojima and Keighley get on pretty well, don’t they…

Any big rumours we missed? Something you’re keeping an eye on? Sound out below in the comments section. We’ll be revisiting the above in a few months to see if they got things right!

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