Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread Free Update Now Available, Arrives on Xbox Game Pass

Ghostwire Tokyo is no longer a PS Console Exclusive and has today launched on Xbox Game Pass.

Additionally, a ton of new content has been added to the game so if you already owned it on PlayStation, you’ve got more incentive to dive back in.

This begins a huge year for Bethesda, who still have Redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom and Starfield to come. That we know of so far!

The Spider’s Thread game mode is classed as a rogue-lite, and features new enemy types, along with further enhanced combat abilities, and new cinematics.

In total, there’s 30 new missions to check out, but this also goes alongside new side missions in the base game and an all-new photo mode.

This, and much more are featured in the new update, available simultaneously across PS5, PC, and now Xbox.

Ghostwire Tokyo is out now.

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