Go Treasure Hunting in Puzzle Craft

Chillingo and Ars Thanea Games are about to release a massive expansion for their super addictive hit title, Puzzle Craft, on February 28th.

The update adds a number of new features to the game, adding unique and rare treasures, as well as new buildings, workers tools and an increased level cap.

Check out the full breakdown below..

New gameplay:
– Build an Archaeologist to find treasure chests; open the chests with the correct chains of tiles to get valuable treasures.
– Build a Museum to unlock new collections; find unique items in treasure chests and complete collections to get an XP bonus.
– Max. level changed from 35 to 60
– Max. number of Workers for Hire changed to 75
New workers:
– Digger
– Excavator
– Hunter
– Ratcatcher
– Sapper
– Fruit Merchant
– Animal Merchant
– Gem Dealer
– Banker
– Treasure Hunter
– Treasure Huntress
New buildings:
– New Mine Shaft
– Big Workshop
– Silo
– Big Kennel
– Library
– Steam Engine
– Recruiting Agency
– Chapel
– Exchange
– Archaeologist’s
– Museum
– Imperial Castle
New unique tools found only in treasure chests:
– Philosopher’s Stone
– Rose-colored Glass
– Golden Apple
– Golden Idol
– Magic Lamp
– Magic Flute


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