God of War Ascension Arsenal of the Gods Expansion hits

This week, God of War: Ascension gets a major content expansion, but it will only last a week.

The weapons are available for free until July 7th so you should act fast if you want to sample them in battle.

All experience (leveling) gained per weapon will be retained if you purchase the weapon after the event. In other words, any experience you gain for a preview weapon that you did not previously own, if you purchase it after the event, the level and experience of the weapon will start where you left off after the preview event.

Here are the weapons…

  • Spear of Phobos
  • Spear of Hyperion
  • Hammer of Atlas
  • Hammer of Hephaestus
  • Blade of Thanatos
  • Blade of Artemis
  • Mjolnir Hammer
  • Blade of Judgment
  • Mercenary Blade
  • Champions Hammer
  • Champions Blade

Make sure to grab them before its too late. More God of War DLC is expected later this month.

(Via PS Blog)

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