Lords of Football gets a price drop

You’ve got a weekend coming. Time to live a little crazy. Time to go off the rails. Time to party like its actually 2013.

The only way to do that is play Lords of Football. Yep.

Footie fans and gamers can pick up this life-sim for a pretty enticing £9.99, but only until Sunday night. So act fast!

Players manage a football team and must do their best to get the team up to scratch, meeting demand, keeping up morale, stopping them getting wasted at bars and picking up women, and just looking out for their lifestyle.

It’s an interesting spin on Football Management, and it’s a good one. I mean, we all know what Rooney’s like when he’s got a few in him. Now Fergie’s gone someone needs to watch over him. That Moyes clearly isn’t keeping a close enough eye.

‘PHWOAR!’ He says. ‘Look at me. I’ve had this hairline all my life. Never receded ever. Whaa… Don’t try to tell me you can see the staples! That’s just gel.’

‘Why don’t you let me score. I know how to shoot…teehee.’

That Rooney. Such a naughty boy…

That’s why you have a responsibility! Don’t let this happen to your Rooney! Don’t let him go astray. Pick up Lords of Football this weekend.

He’ll thank you for it later 😉


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