Ground Zeroes platform exclusive DLC crosses the gap today


If you were to boot up Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes right now you’d find yourself faced with an update notification signalling a measly 250mb download. This download will, at last, finally open up the game’s platform exclusive missions to both sides of the fence.

Those of you who bought Ground Zeroes on a Sony machine can now access the Jamais-Vu missions and sprint around as a time-travelling robotic Raiden set on freeing Camp Omega from the clutches of the body snatchers. On the other hand, Xbox owning series fans will finally get to relive the glory days by recreating scenes from the original Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation.

The exclusivity of these missions was cause for some amount of frustration among Metal Gear Solid fans. Buy either version and you’d be getting short changed, until now. Almost certainly more so for series fans who decided upon the Xbox versions given the nostalgic nature of the Deja-Vu mission and its rabid fan service.

Your supposed £20 demo just got some extra game added to it!

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