Articles by Jonathan Grier

As We Play

Zombie Army Trilogy – As We Play

World War 2 is a very well explored period in human history, but even the finest combs can miss minuscule details. Minuscule details like the world being set upon by the undead at the behest of a desperate Adolf Hitler. Zombie Army Trilogy (hereafter referred as ZAT) intends to explore this…

As We Play

10 Second Ninja – As We Play

To be honest I’m not sure where to go with this overview. On one hand I’ve had a brilliant time with 10 Second Ninja, and on the other hand it appears that the game’s developer, Dan Pearce, has created an entirely new form of ailment. I call it Ninja Neck…

As We Play

Deadly Premonition As We Play

Deadly Premonition starts as it means to go on: confusingly. Upon booting up the game and mashing my way through the menus, I find myself in a strange, supernatural place with only two twin boys, who also have wings and leafy halos, for company. I walk around for a bit,…

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