The highs and lows of Star Trek’s gaming exploits

With the hype around the forthcoming Star Trek Beyond movie steadily building ahead of its July release, fans will undoubtedly be hoping that the release is accompanied by another Star Trek video game.



The sci-fi series has had many gaming adaptations over the years, from a board game in 1967 to some releases that take full advantage of the mobile gaming revolution.

But despite the popularity of the series, the Star Trek games haven’t always fulfilled fans’ expectations, with 2013’s Star Trek: The Game being littered with bugs and inept storylines that ultimately led to it being seen as little more than a cash-in on this iconic series.

It was this failure that meant that more recent attempts have sought to stray away from the third-person shooter format to deliver some more innovative Trekkie action. And this year saw Star Trek Timelines earn some great reviews thanks to the way in which the mobile game managed to integrate many of the series’ best characters in a tough, but playable strategy gaming format.

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The fact that Star Trek has managed to successfully make the leap to the mobile gaming environment is a canny move. Many other famous TV and movie brands have sought to diversify their mobile appeal by having Jurassic Park and Batman slots games at the Royal Vegas Casino site, allowing gamers to win instant payouts from their cellphones. And although Star Trek is yet to make its casino gaming debut, there are signs that it will soon be enjoying a revival on our televisions, lending itself to the possibility.

The Royal Vegas Casino blog mentions a rejuvenated Star Trek TV series that could hopefully signal further gaming instalments from the Star Trek universe. But fans will be hoping that the TV series will inspire something better than 2004’s Star Trek: Shattered Universe. This woefully attempted to deliver a space shoot-em-up that was apparently based upon the original TV series but judged to be ‘completely unimpressive in every imaginable way’.
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However, one thing that will cause Trekkies to rejoice is that for every Star Trek gaming low, there seems to be a high point, and PC gamers will be looking forward to a title that approximates the gaming fun that was enjoyed with 2000’s Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force.

This has often earned the accolade of being possibly the best Star Trek video game thanks to its engrossing multiplayer format and intense battle scenes. And with online casino sites getting behind the rebirth of the Star Trek TV series, it’s hoped that we’ll also be witnessing many more successful Star Trek gaming adaptations in the near future.

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