Planet Zoo Tropical Pack DLC arrives on April 4

Planet Zoo is ready to take you to the tropics with its latest DLC coming next month.

The Tropical Pack includes five new animals, along with a new scenario and suitably scintillating tropical scenery.

Costing £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99, the Tropical Pack will add the Lar Gibbon, Red River Hog, Fossa, Brown-Throated Sloth and Asian Water Monitor.

Over 200 new pieces of scenery have also been included, all inspired by Southeast Asia, and includes such things as Balinese temples and stone carvings.

All this is set against a new Scenario where zookeepers must ‘reverse the fortunes of a struggling zoo’ that has been gifted to Tiffany Summers by her father.

To accompany the new DLC, further QOL updates, features and enhancements will also be added to Planet Zoo as a free content update.

Planet Zoo Tropical Pack arrives on April 4.

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