For Honor gets first patch details

For Honor is only a few days out of the door and already Ubisoft have a major patch incoming very soon.

As announced on the games’ subreddit, this will tweak the balance of the characters as well adjusting the guard-breaks and fixing some bugs.

There’s also fixing of bots replacing players in duel/brawl and elimination game modes, with bots of full health leaving players.

These changes specifically reflect player feedback in the early stages of the game

Here’s the full changelog.

Conqueror and Berserker:

  • Currently if your opponent blocks a light attack from these two characters, they can combo into a free Guard Break. This will no longer happen. <–edited to clarify!


  • We will address the bug where the second and third stabs from a guardbreak do not apply bleed.


  • Light Attacks: reduced recovery time
  • Light Chains: reduced time between attacks
  • Pouncing Thrust &amp; Hunter’s Strike: Increased damage and link options after those moves
  • Shield Crush: add link to Light Attack chains
  • Hunter’s Rush: reduced recovery time

Guardbreak Counter (All Heroes):

  • Currently you can’t counter a guardbreak during a guardbreak attempt. This will be return to the previous behavior seen in the Beta.
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