Horizon Zero Dawn day zero patch adds new PS4 Pro options

Today is the day for Horizon Zero Dawn reviews and they are glowing! 2017 certainly seems to be dishing out some solid PS4 exclusives.

And the news gets even better for PS4 Pro users as according to press sheets distributed with the review code, players will get a performance mode that favours smoother framerates while delivering higher visual fidelity in the 1080p mode.

The news comes from NeoGAF users thuway who also suggests the mode will be available for both 4k and 1080p displays.

NeoGAF user Hanmik added to this by saying the notes they received were slightly different, however. Their notes said.

‘The Day-Zero patch will add several PS4 Pro-specific options to the menu to tailor the visual experience. Options for selecting resolution and HDR/SDR preferences will be added to the menu in Settings > Visual.

From early impressions, many are saying this game is the reason to own a PS4 Pro and 4K TV and ushers in a new era of console visuals.

Exciting times. We look forward to checking the game out soon.

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