Injustice STAR Labs DLC now available

If you still can’t get enough of superheroes punching each other through brick walls and heat-ray vision burning villians to ashes, then the latest STAR Labs DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us will be right up your alley!

New STAR Labs DLC missions have been added to the game for each of the Season Pass characters. This makes up the total of 40 new missions.

If you bought the Season Pass, the content will be completely and utterly free – HUZZAH!

However, if you didn’t, the pack will cost you a measly 240 MSP, but obviously you’ll also have to own the new characters as the content is for Lobo, Scorpion, Bat Girl and Zod respectively.

Martian Manhunter is also due to drop next week, so we highly expect 10 more STAR Labs Missions to pop up in the coming weeks for the extra-terrestrial.

Otherwise, you know, that would be alienist and we’re very anti that at Expansive!

The content is available for Xbox 360 and PS3. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for Wii U.

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