RF Online 1.5 goes for big summer update

Today, RF Online will move to version 1.5, receiving a rather mahooosive Summer Update.

OnNet Europe revealed the update, along with a list of new features, such as in-game events to celebrate. Yay!

Events include Return Player rewards, New Player Rewards, a Cash Shop Lottery (you gotta be in it to win it!) and a 20% discount on everything from the RF Online Cash Shop.


As for the actual update, players will receive improved class balance, new abilities, an improved crafting system, a sleeker, more user-friendly UI, and surprisingly, the re-addition of traps and solo gates.

For more details on the in-game events, take a look here..

  • Returning Players Reward: Existing players who have not played the game for more than two weeks can log in within a week of the update (June 25th, 2013) to receive a seven-day Hunting Jade and/or an Amazon Gift Card.
  • New Players Reward: New characters will automatically receive two free items – the Beginners Ring and the Beginners Amulet.
  • Cash Shop Promotion: Players receive a 20% discount on any item from the Cash Shop.
  • Cash Shop Lottery: All players who purchase an item in the Cash Shop have a chance to win 21 days of Hunting Jades.

The full patch notes can be seen here

The war continues as three races – the Accretia, Bellato and Cora – continue fighting over the limited, yet immensely valuable resources of the Novus Galaxy. Based on RvRvR (Race vs. Race vs. Race), RF Online 1.5 is an epic MMO that combines elements from the sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk genres in an improved version of the original title.
To start playing, download the RF Online 1.5 client now.
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