Is Black Ops 2 Revolution even coming to Wii U?

You know all that giff-gaff about Revolution listings popping up in the Wii U patch notes?

Well, they were part of a ‘versioning problem’ according to a member of the development team.

To make matters worse, the developer went on to say ‘This is not a confirmation of DLC for the Wii U’ – Many had assumed, since the DLC would eventually hit PS3 and PC after the timed-exclusive agreement was up, it would also come to Wii U. However this sounds like the add-on isn’t even in development or being considered. In fact, Activision are apparently working with Nintendo to have the patch note details removed completely. Yikes!

You may say we’re overreacting, but consider this. The Nuketown map for Zombies has now appeared on all formats except Wii U, and we haven’t heard a peep about a Nintendo version. Add in the rather lackluster online community for the game, and it’s pretty obvious that Activision and Treyarch would only be appealing to a drop in the ocean of the Call of Duty fanbase.

Lacking Revolution, and surely any future Black Ops 2 DLC would be a massive embarrassment for Nintendo considering the strong third party focus they’re putting into the Wii U. The fact that Activision have released a new patch for Black Ops 2 on Wii U is a bit encouraging, but where things go beyond that are certainly up for speculation.

Check out the brief forum post here and decide for yourselves.

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