Is Harry Potter Wizards Unite 2.0 imminent? June’s Brilliant Events hint at big changes

Wizards Unite has been in a very confusing place lately but it could be big things are on the horizon.

With the Wizarding Weekend currently ongoing featuring Quidditch Hermione and Captain Harry as stars, WB Games have now pushed details about the next two Brilliant Events and they finally hint at new narrative events.

Considering it will be a full year since the game launched, the Brilliant Events will be called ‘One Year Later’ and feature Brilliant Foundable versions of adult Harry, Ron, and Hermione, as well as Constance and Kingsley.

We’ve been seeing them pop up throughout the year to talk about the Calamity and it seems that now we’ll be able to catch them, as well as Dark Detectors, Potions, Runestones, Portkeys, and a Marked Area stand. Yeah, really.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting, the description of Part One reads ‘The Calamity appears to be focused on the Ministry’s efforts to investigate and contain it … is it starting to fight back?’.

Then Part Two says ‘The Calamity almost seems to be trying to tell us something…’ Cryptic.

Datamined images have revealed some interesting revelations, such as higher-numbered runestones that go up to 10. There also appears to be links to certain pages as shown on the Part Two Noticeboard, with arrows being drawn between pages likes like Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch, Oddities III and more.

It also seems that the wanted posters from the Challenge Registry might be featuring within the Portkey. There’s been prior speculation that these Wanted Posters could work in a similar way to raiding in Pokemon GO. Is it time for them to get added to the game?

Perhaps it’s best not to get too excited, though. Orange Wizard has fanned the flames a bit with a recent tweet –suggesting there won’t be much new of anything. Yet he does at least confirm the development team are overhauling the game.

Either way, June could be a crucial month for the game. And let’s face it, the game could really use a win after that fragment fiasco…

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