Joe Danger Infinity 1.1.0 adds daily challenges

The touch-screen, mobile exclusive version of Joe Danger, Infinity, has received its first, rather substantial update.

Update 1.1.0 is better known to Hello Games as the Daily Challenge Update as the update adds a brand new mode which adds a new level every day, and the idea is to get the best possible score. Players have to beat the level’s set score and upon doing so, will receive tons of coins to spend on new characters, bikes and upgrades. What’s more, if you keep playing everyday, your prize pot will gradually increase.

Each of the levels will have a scoreboard and so you can compete against your Game Centre friends or others from around the world. Of course, these scores are only good for one day and will automatically reset for a new level at the end of each day.

The mode is a spin on something added to Joe Danger Touch a while back. However, Hello Games wanted to add a competitive edge to the experience while giving reward and challenge. Each level has been designed to have multiple routes, with traps and obstacles. The idea is to raise your multiplier as much as you can in order to best your friends, while also finding the best route for you.

The update also adds iOS 7 controllers, which moves the game from its swipe and tap roots and makes it into a more rhythm-action game. For instance, players can collect bubbles with X or stars with Y and duck with A. Players can even control the character with the D-Pad or Analog, making Infinity into a more console-based experience.

Joe Danger Infinity has been, far and away, Hello Games biggest success. They’re not talking sales or figures, but confirmed that Joe has crashed well over 2,000,000 times since launch.

In addition to Joe Danger, Hello Games have just started work on a brand new IP, No Man’s Sky, which is expected for next-gen systems.

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