Kicker Corners – 6 Realms – Update

6 Realms was the first game to feature on Kickers Corner on Expansive DLC, An action packed, side-scrolling RPG attempting to capture the essence of retro games;  influenced by titles such as Zelda, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy.


Unfortunately, 6 Realms failed to reach its funding goal of $4,000 on Kickstarter within the set time limit.

I contacted Jeremy B. Harris to check-in on him, ask a handful of questions and see what’s next for 6 Realms.

Vil)  Why do you think 6 Realms didn’t hit its intended Kickstarter target?

JBH) I feel the main reason for not hitting the goal was down to not getting the game teaser demo online. Unfortunately, I hit some demo problems and technical difficulties and I feel that’s what really did held the project back.

Vil) As 6 Realms didn’t grab the public this time, what will you do now?  Will you be shelving the game to work on a different project or will you continue to pursue 6 Realms on a smaller scale?

JBH) Actually, plenty of people showed great interest in 6 Realms, which was positive. In the future I will be re-launching 6 Realms on Kickstarter with a teaser demo and a new lead hero I’m really excited and I think gaming fans will be as well.

Vil) In the future how do you think you’ll approach taking a project to Kickstarter?  Has this experience left you feeling a bit jaded, or more inspired than ever?

JBH) Next time, I’m going to make sure the fans get what they want. Gameplay. 6 Realms already has a demo and we are cleaning it up to give the fans what they want. I’m excited and I know other people will be. We all learn something from our mistakes. This is one I’ve considered a great deal. I ask myself, why did it happen, and several reasons come to mind. But this time, my team and I feel our preparation is being done right. I can’t wait to make things happen next time around.

Vil) We wish you the best of luck for the future

JBH) Thanks for taking the time to follow up.


So 6 Realms stumbled at the first hurdle, but that obviously hasn’t deterred Jeremy.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled, and let you know if/when 6 Realms reappears on Kickstarter.

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