Kingdom Hearts 3 to arrive in 2015?

Now here’s something. Just last month the re-release of Kingdom Hearts 2 on PS3 launched, bringing both original games and respective spin-offs to a modern platform. But as great as that is, the news we’re all waiting for is, of course, when Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to make its presence felt on new-gen platforms.

And the answer may be much sooner than we thought.

Spotted by the eagle-eyes at NeoGAF , sourced from KH13, one user made contact with the voice actor for Goofy, Bill Farmer, asking him about his work on Kingdom Hearts 3. His answers were surprising.

@Soraalam1 asked him ‘Is Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out this year?’ to which Bill Farmer replied ‘That’s what they keep telling me!’

Others soon got involved and sought clarification on this as Bill’s replies felt a bit vague. @YTMuke asked ‘So if I understood it correctly @goofybill the dubbing works of Kingdom Hearts 3 are done? Like…THAT KH3 we saw at the D23 Expo? 😀 – Bill replied ‘I think so.’

Someone asked him to promise that he meant KH3 and not KH3D, to which he replied ‘I promise.’

He also said later on in the conversation. ‘We are done recording on KH3…at least, as far as I know.’

In a final reply to someone else he said ‘I can only tell you what i’ve been told.’

So it’s not absolute confirmation, but it’s certainly a strong indication that development is perhaps further along with the game than we first thought. Could the game we’re all waiting to play be soon at hand?

Here’s the entire image reel






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