Latest Darksiders III DLC Keepers of the Void gives you a task from Vulgrim

The second and final DLC pack for Darksiders III has finally released over six months after the game’s launch.

With another major patch that further fixes issues with the game, along with adding more armor and a new Nightmare mode.

In the Keepers of the Void, you have visit Vulgrim once you’ve received the Flame Hollow. The rest of the content gradually unlocks as you gain more Hollows.

Fury will visit the Serpent Holes to take down an Ancient Enemies with new locations, puzzles and enemies. The reward? Brand new Abyssal Armor.

We’ll have some thoughts on the Keepers of the Void DLC soon once we’ve had a chance to play but if you can’t wait, the DLC is available now for £9.99.

To be honest, though, we’d recommend grabbing the Season Pass for just a few pounds more and getting The Crucible DLC as well.

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