LEGO 2K Drive DLC Drive Pass Season 2 Drops Tomorrow

Season 2 of LEGO 2K Drive is about ready to race into action.

The next phase of the Drive Pass begins tomorrow, adding 100 new tiers and 22 free rewards. These include everything from vehicles, brick packs to drivers.


The theme is creations inspired by the LEGO City Design team, which will include a ‘water-ready unicorn’ and ‘a Viking ship’.

Additionally, a new Brick Brawl mode will launch which is a team-based battle of 3v3 that is a bit like Destruction Derby in that you have to wreck an opponent’s vehicle. The arena is full of poweru-ups and pathways, and you can even play 1v1 local splitscreen.

On top of that, Ranked Multiplayer Online Modes have also been added into the game for both Brick Brawl and The Race.

LEGO 2K Drive is a fantastic driver which we loved playing and we’d definitely recommend you checking it out.

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