LEGO Super Mario releases August 1, Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion revealed

Nintendo have finally given us a release date for the first LEGO Super Mario playset.

On August 1, the LEGO Super Mario Starter Kit Bundle will be released for £49.99.

You can pre-order now from the LEGO Store – I’m already hovering over the buy button – and you’ll even get a free set if you do.

The Starter Pack will feature the uniquely interactive Mario with LCD screens, animated eyes, body and sound effects.

It’ll also feature the iconic pipe, a question mark box, Goomba, Bowser Jr, and the vintage black flag to signal the end of a level.

The bonus set seems to feature a POW box, as well as Toad.

During a reveal video, Nintendo and Jonathan Bennink, Lead Designer at the LEGO Group, have also lifted the lid on two new upcoming sets.

Firstly, a Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set, which sees Mario see-sawing between two of the monstrous plants.

The set also seems to feature more Goombas, as well as a Koopa Trooper.

The big reveal is saved till last, though, as we’ve got a first look at Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion and it looks absolutely epic.

Obviously it’ll feature the big bad himself, but it seems like there’s Boo Ghosts hovering around, Dry Bones, and a Fire Flower.

Bowser’s Castle just looks incredible and it’s got us all very excited for where this collaboration is going.



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