Lords of Football introduces Fergie Time and pause button

The first major update for Gianluca Vialli’s first football game, Lords of Football, has gone live and introduces, as well as a new pause feature, Fergie Time.

Injury time in the game is going to be affectionately renamed to commemorate the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson as manager of Manchester United. Because, you know, Man United games seem to go on forever…

While they were at it, it seems Geniaware known what the famous gum-chewer is going to be up to next and reckon they’ve got Fergie’s future career sorted as well.

Or at least his next downtime hobby…


In addition, Lords of Football has received some other behind the scenes tweaks and adjustments completely free of charge. The most notable of which is a new pause feature.

This has been added to the game so players can pause the action during a match and glean useful information and stats about teams and analyse in preparation for future matches.

Pretty useful and a much requested feature from the community apparently. Claudio Giacopazzi, General Manager of Geniaware emphasises…

 “As we believe our project can grow with the help of our community, we decided to release this free upgrade following our gamers’ positive feedback so that they can choose to play in the way that suits them best.”

“To facilitate this freedom of choice the Pause can be turned on/off manually by the gamer. We hope that this will be useful and that our community continues to enjoy Lords of Football.”

The update is available right now and can be downloaded upon booting up the game.

Or fished out from the bottom of a pond. Whichever you prefer.



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