Injustice DLC Coming to Wii U

Announced today via the games’ official twitter account, the first batch of DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us, released earlier this week on both the Playstation Network and XBLA, will be coming to the WiiU.

The first lot of DLC containing playable character ‘Lobo’ was notably missing on the WiiU during it’s week on release sparking fears that the WiiU wouldn’t be getting any DLC support for Injustice. However players have been assured that they can expect the DLC to be released some time this summer.

Good news for WiiU owners, but it’s becoming an increasing concern that owners live in fear of missing out on coming releases due to the console’s rather lackluster sales performance thus far. Something which has been iterated by Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios earlier this week

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