Magicka Wizard Wars patch adds new content

Magicka: Wizard Wars just received a slew of new changes. While only playable on Steam Early Access, those fortunate enough to play can now have access to a Magicks Screen for their in-game character. From here, they can unlock new Magicks for in-game battle. The gameplay will also reward players with crystals forged of pure elements. These crystals can also unlock spells in matches.

There is also Christmas, wintry themed content, along with holiday-happy imps. Players will fight each other against snowy backdrops and can even throw snowballs at each other as weapons. Last time I saw that was on South Park N64, I’m sure of it! The snowballs will actually freeze enemies, so can be useful in the thick of battle.

Magicka: Wizard Wars is all about the PVP, and celebrates series staples in true online fashion.

To give you a taster, why not let the Paradox North team talk a bit about their title and their fancy offices.

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