Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Curse of the Vampire DLC to have Gauntlet Mode, new costumes added in free update

Curse of the Vampire will be the first paid DLC to come to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on September 30.

Following the addition of three new costumes earlier this week, we now know the game is set to receive free DLC through early 2020.

The first set of new costumes were Planet Hulk, Spider-Man’s Symbiote Suit and Captain Marvel as Ms Marvel.

As well as the free DLC, we know there will be paid DLC, beginning with Curse of the Vampire, which will include Blade, Moon Knight, Punisher, and Morbius.

On top of that, the Nintendo Japanese Website has revealed that there will be a Gauntlet Mode added as part of the DLC.

According to Destructoid, this mode will have up to four players coming together to ‘collaborate and continuously challenge various challenges.’

In addition, you can ‘enjoy survival that repeats a series of challenges until the game is over.’

We expect more news on Curse of the Vampire soon and will update you as soon as we hear more.

(Via Destructoid)


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