Mass Effect Collectable of Garrus Vakarian for $350

Fans of the Mass Effect franchise with a large disposable income might be tempted to pre-order a 21 inches tall (1/4 scale) model of everybody’s favourite military trained Turian and investigating officer of C-Sec.

The Gaming Heads’ statue of Garrus Vakarian, designed by artist Gurjeet Singh, could be frozen in time and remain the pride of your geek or gaming room.

There are two different versions of Garrus, an exclusive version and a regular version. If you pick up the exclusive version, in addition to the Incisor sniper rifle, he’s also going to include the Phaeston, which can be swapped depending on the collector’s preference.


You might not need it, but you know you want it.

The exclusive version is limited to just 500 pieces, while the regular version is limited to 1,000 pieces. They cost $349.99 and $329.99 respectively.

Will you be indulging yourself?


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