Minecraft Meets Mass Effect

Popular games developers Mojang and Bioware yesterday announced their first collaboration by revealing that the world of Mass Effect will be getting a pixilated makeover when it comes to Minecraft this week on September the 4th (that’s this Wednesday folks!) and will be available for download on the XBLA for $3.99 or 320MP if you’re living in the past.

ku-xlarge (1)

Titled the Mass Effect Mash Up Pack, the DLC pack will feature all new Mass Effect themed craftable items, menus and a User Interface, along with 36 new character skins and 22 new music tracks taken from the Mass Effect universe.

It’s simply a must buy for all fans of both Mass Effect and those wanting to bring a little piece of the fantastic Sci-Fi to their Minecraft worlds.

Last but not least, the pack will contain the Mars Facility location that featured so heavily in Mass Effect 3.

Check out the trailer below for all the pixelated sci-fi shooter action that will be on offer!

Hopefully this Mash Up pack from developers 4J Studios will spark the combination of other popular gaming titles being turned into Minecrafts beloved little pixels

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