Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate DLC is Zelda Breath of the Wild Gear

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will finally launch on Switch in the West on August 28 and you’ll be able to get some Breath of the Wild armor at the same time.

This unique crossover will enable players to kit themselves out in Zelda themed costumes, such as Link’s Champion’s Tunic and Hood in Breath of the Wild.

You can also unlock and use an Ancient Bow and your Palico can even be designed to look like a Korok.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be a different experience from this years’ Monster Hunter World on PS4 and Xbox One and is actually an expanded and evolved version of Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS.

Generations Ultimate will add a bunch of new content, such as two new Hunting Styles (Alchemy and Valor), as well as a brand new endgame boss and Elder Dragon. There will also be G Rank quests, providing the ultimate challenge for players.

What’s more, you can carry across any save data from Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS to your Switch and play as your previously designed hunter. Awesome!

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