Mutant Mudds Deluxe Content remains exclusive to Wii U

Mutant Mudds is an excellent platform title that’s soon to find a home on the Wii U e-shop. Previously released on iOS, PC and 3DS, many wonder what benefits the Wii U gamepad will offer Renegade Kid’s gem. While we’re no closer to an answer on that, the team have confirmed a few other details.

Speaking on Twitter, the co-founder of Renegade Kid, Jools Watsham, answered a question from a user.

They asked ‘I really like the 3DS for MM. Any chance of seeing the Deluxe content on the 3DS version maybe as paid DLC?’

Jools replied. ‘The current plan is to the make the Wii U content exclusive to Wii U’

Muddying the waters

Muddying the waters

Pretty clear and concise response, there. It seems, at least for the time being, that all other versions of the game are not getting the new levels or features. Heck, after his recent stance on piracy, Jools may not even develop for the 3DS again.

Still, as we’ve come to learn in the gaming industry, things can be worked out and exclusivity doesn’t necessarily mean forever, right?

(Source: CVGNintendoEverything)

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