Runescape reveals level 90 content for early 2013

There aren’t many games still played twelve years after their original release. In fact, there aren’t many games played after their first month of release. Yet, while many franchises come and go, Runescape continues to evolve and develop.

In 2013, that certainly doesn’t seem set to change.

After wishing their community a happy new year, Jagex outlined Runescape plans for January on their blog.

Runescape will be getting an epic level 90 boss fight, where players will find themselves going up against the Kalphite King, hidden deep in the Kharidian Desert. The Kalphite King seems to be a beetly minion, eager to spill the blood of any that approach his nest. Players will need to work co-operatively in this instanced boss battle and attempt to dodge the most deadly NPC attack ever (apparently).

The Lair of the Kalphite King. Eek!

The Lair of the Kalphite King. Eek!

According to Jagex, the rewards from the battle will be extraordinary, including level 90 weaponry focused around dual-wielding melee users. Of course, with new weapons comes new ways of damaging them, so defeating all-new Kalphites will also cause them to drop items specifically designed to repair these weapons.

There’s also Hati & Sköll, returning to terrorize the Fremennik forests and fjords once more. Defeating these will require teamwork, and merit some unique, wolf-styled attire should they fall in battle.

Jagex are also adding task sets to the Kharidian Desert, ranging from ‘easy’ through to ‘elite’ categories. Task sets require players to scout out an area, look for hidden items and earn rewards. The Kharidian Desert will offer huge benefits for miners, crafters and herblorists. There will also be daily rewards and rerolls for the Dominion Tower.

Demon Flash Mobs will also be appearing in pre-determined locations, and are much tougher than those introduced to the game in 2012.

Solomon will also be getting a ton of new wares in his store, and Construction Training Packs will be coming to the Squeal of Fortune.

Basically, Runescape ain’t dead yet!

(Source: Runescape News)

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