Mutant Year Zero to receive major DLC Expansion June 25, releasing on Switch

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is set to receive even more content later this year.

Following a reveal trailer of the game coming to Nintendo Switch on June 25th, The Bearded Ladies and Funcom also revealed that the game will receive a major DLC Expansion on all formats on the same day.

Announced during the Epic Games Keynote Speech at GDC, the expansion is expected to be on a relatively large scale, following the recent release of the Stalker Trials

While we don’t have any other details just yet, it’s fairly safe to assume this is going to be bigger than what’s come before and will likely be premium content.

The Stalker Trials offers increased challenges for the game, repopulating the map with new enemies, while also giving you the option to buy and upgrade any weapon.


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