Naughty Dog Confirms The Last of Us is Headed to PS4

Naughty Dog have today formally announced that multi-award winning PS3 game The Last Of Us will be Remastered and head the way of PS4.

After first being leaked by a Turkish PlayStation exec, it was followed by a further leak on the US Playstation Store, revealing The Last of Us Remastered on PS4,  Naughty Dog has now formally confirmed the game’s existence on the PlayStation Blog and revealed that everything is official and the remastering is underway. The upgrade will feature enhanced lighting and character models, amongst other things.

The Last Of Us should need little introduction, having reaped an incredible number of awards, including the recent BAFTA for game of the year. But for anyone who has only opted to do their gaming on a Sony system with the PS4, this is likely to be huge news.

Not only will you be able to pick up a graphically enhanced version of one of the outstanding games of the last generation, if not of all time, all DLC will also be included, which means you get the phenomenal Left Behind, along with some extras for the really rather good multiplayer. The DLC included is listed below:

  • Left Behind single player expansion
  • Abandoned Territories multiplayer map pack
  • Reclaimed Territories pack – details will be coming soon on exactly what is included

It looks as though a number of pre-order bonuses will also be available, although presumably these will be divided amongst different retailers:

  • 100 Supply Points (XP) for use in Factions mode
  • Two special bonus skins for Joel and Ellie which will be unlocked after your complete the single player campaign
  • Increased Crafting Speed for use in the Single Player Campaign
  • Increased Healing Speed for use in the Single Player Campaign
  • 9mm Reload Speed Increase Upgrade for use in the Single Player Campaign
  • Rifle Clip Capacity Increase Upgrade for use in the Single Player Campaign

There’s no official word on price yet, but the US PSN leak had it listed at $59.99, which suggests this may come out for a similar price to the recent Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.

For now, check out this Naughty Dog interview with the Playstation Access team.

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