Pre-Sequel for Borderlands 2 incoming!

Forgive the head scratcher of a title but coming soon to a console near you is the Sequel to Borderlands and the Prequel to Borderlands 2. If you wish, you could call it Borderlands 1.5 but that’s dull and as you know, Borderlands is anything but.

Just a step to the right please!

Just a little more to the right please?

What 2K Australia have created for you to wander around, quest in and massacre in, is the story of the rise of a certain Handsome Jack. Here in this game, he isn’t such the bastard we came to find him in Borderlands 2. Heck, you may even find him of some actual use; you may even trust him! It’ll be very interesting seeing how we end up with such a smooth-talking dictator in the sequel.

It’s Jack himself that delivers the helpful narrative behind the story, keeping you questing and killing throughout the game. As the story unfolds, you go deeper and deeper into whatever is festering below.

You're an ugly fellow aren't you?

You’re an ugly fellow aren’t you?

There are four new characters to choose from, including Athena (Tank) who first appeared in the original Borderlands’ The Secret Armoury of General Knoxx DLC. Amongst her skills, she uses a shield called a Kinetic Aspis, which charges itself full of energy by absorbing ordnance fired at her. As soon as it hits full power, you chuck it at the goons, severly and tragically hurting them. Conveniently, it then returns straight back to you.

As you would expect, the weapons have been expanded and evolved. Take the Cryo shot, for instance, which has a chance to freeze an enemy with each shot and eventually freeze them to the point of shattering them into thousands of tiny ice crystals. The bodies at 2K have sat down and made sure that each one of the bazillion combinations make you wince and laugh out loud at an unexpected death scene or head-explosion.

I, for one, will be rather excitedly looking out for “Borderlands the Pre-Sequel!” being both a Claptrap fan and a fan of sniping the crap out of heads at a long distance! I hope you’ll join me too.


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