New Premium Mount coming to Warcraft

You have to give Blizzard credit. They own one of the few MMOs out there still charging a monthly subscription fee, and still manage to charge for premium in-game items on top of that.

When Blizzard first announced they would sell a mount for real money in World of Warcraft, it was not a popular decision. At $25, many laughed, condemning anyone for paying an extorniate amount of money for a set of fancy pixels.

Yet, despite their outcry, the mount went down really well, sold a truckload, and prompted the designers to create a few more.  

Now we’re presented with the latest addition to the stable, the Swift Windsteed. The unique qualities of this mount are that, in addition to travelling over land, it can also operate as a flying mount, and even scale to match your highest riding speed.

Once purchased, the mount becomes accessible account-wide, and gives all of your current, as well as future, toons a free mount. Pretty sweet deal, wouldn’t you say?

Interested? Learn more here 


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